Aeros S

The AEROS S Series offers medium to large Gantry CMM that are well appreciated for their excellent structural stability and adaptability.

They can be configured according to the requirements of any measurement application and are available in a wide range of sizes.

AEROS S is a design equipped with a light aluminum alloy Z-axis spindle and a “Single Read” scale system on the X-axis.

  • Generous dimensioning of the distance between the air bearings for optimal mechanical rigidity
  • High rigidity Y-axis cross-beam with proprietary steel tubular frame design
  • Z-spindle in extruded aluminum alloy guarantees rigidity and minimizes the moment of inertia
  • X-axis beams with wide transverse section made of stabilized steel and equipped with a support system that allows for linear expansion without any induced deformations
  • X / Y axes guideways finished with finely ground (0.4mm roughness) high resistance epoxide resin
  • “Dual Reader” Measurement system with high resolution linear transducers (0.1µm) on longitudinal X-axis
  • “Dual Drive” system on longitudinal X-axis (optional up to Y=2500, standard for Y=3000)
  • Multi-sensor system for automatic compensation of errors due to thermal expansion of structural components.

The AEROS S CMM Series is available in 40 standard models with the following YZ-axes sections: 15.13 / 20.13 / 20.15 / 20.20 / 25. 15 / 25.18 / 25.20 / 30.20 / 30.25

  • Accuracy (µm) from: 4.3+5.0L/1000
  • Max. 3D Speed from: 530 mm/sec
  • Max. 3D Acceleration from: 800 mm/sec2
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