May 29, 2024

Upcoming Training Courses


CAMIO Basic Course – Upcoming course June 24th


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If you’ve never taken a CAMIO course before, haven’t programmed in a version of CAMIO 8.5 or newer, or are new to CMM programming, then the CAMIO Basic Course is where you’ll want to start. It will provide you with the knowledge to gain a strong footing in CAMIO programming basics and is a precursor to CAMIO and GD&T courses.  The following areas are covered in the Basic course:


  • CMM Basics
  • CMM & Software Configuration
  • Introduction to CAMIO’s interface and newest features
  • Customizing the UI and creating program templates
  • Probe Designer, Sensor Manager and Calibration
  • Creation of various types of alignments (datums)
  • Inspecting features manually with & without CAD
  • Automatic feature Inspection with & without CAD
  • Construction of features
  • Brief introduction to GD&T
  • Tolerancing and Reporting


CAMIO Intermediate Course – Next course July 15th


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Once you’ve taken the CAMIO Basic course and have been programming for (at least) a few months, you’ll be ready to take the CAMIO Intermediate course. After a quick review of earlier information, several other areas will be covered to provide additional knowledge regarding the capabilities and use of the CAMIO software. The following areas are covered in the Intermediate course:


  • A quick review of sensor management, calibration, alignments, tolerances, reporting, etc.
  • Creating a well formatted program
  • Advanced measurement strategies & options
  • Specialized alignments (RPS, best fit, etc.)
  • Additional construction options
  • Surface and curve Inspection
  • Additional software and program settings
  • Tactile Scanning
  • Additional reporting and tolerancing
  • A brief introduction to High Level



General Information

CAMIO Basic and Intermediate courses use the newest version of CAMIO when taught at the LK Metrology New Hudson, Michigan facility. If you do not have the newest version of CAMIO, it’s recommended that you purchase a Software Service Contract (SSC) which provides software upgrades. This will let you utilize the latest functionality along with getting the most out of the training. Additionally, if you have a valid SSC you also qualify for a 10% discount on training.  These courses are scheduled for a 32-hour period to allow students time to travel on Monday and Friday.


LK  also offers training at your location. This training can be tailored to meet specific needs for that facility. In addition, you can still take advantage of the 10% discount if you have a valid Software Service Contract.

Call (810) 263-6100 or email for more information pertaining to these courses.


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