March 15, 2024

VIVID SLK25 High Accuracy, High Resolution Blue Laser CMM Scanner

Advanced technology for greater opportunities thanks to VIVID laser scanner technology from LK, the SLK25 provides quality professionals with an opportunity to maximize efficiency when measuring complex surfaces, small details, fragile parts, dark materials and reflective surfaces – by overcoming the limitations of tactile inspection and other non-contact technologies.


Smarter Solution

The increasing complexity of parts, adaptation of designs and introduction of new materials has increased demands on manufacturers and quality assurance teams.

While traditional tactile inspection methods are preferred for many applications, the latest non-contact technology offers phenomenal advantages for an increasing number of inspection tasks. By capturing vast quantities of high-density data very quickly, laser scanning provides an efficient and detailed analysis of the whole part. Graphical evaluation of tolerances is easily understood, even without specialist knowledge, and reports shared with others across platforms. Today’s laser scanners are a viable alternative to tactile metrology, offering manufacturers a smarter solution with the productivity, accuracy and versatility required for a vast range of parts, processes and materials.


VIVID Technology

State-of-the-art multiple exposure technology and unique software capabilities optimize performance of the SLK25 laser scanner for all types of surfaces.

VIVID multiple exposure technology quadruples the dynamic range of the laser scanner. More surfaces, including the most challenging dark, transparent or highly reflective materials can be measured in a single pass of the laser scanner. Phasing the exposure time during scanning to match the part surface, optimizes acquisition speeds and data quality. Exposure settings are included for typical applications, with fully configurable user settings for individual requirements.


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