May 29, 2024

CAMIO 2024 R1 Available Now!

What’s New

  • New Clearance Box for collision avoidance
  • Enhanced Automatic Sensor Search
  • Redesigned Manual Touch window
  • Improved visualization of CAD feature
  • New CMM Configuration Utility


Clearance Box

This new path planning aid simplifies programming by automatically adding safety moves to avoid probe collisions.

Probe clearance moves are automatically added to the program, to avoid the probe colliding with the work piece, when the probe is moving between features or the probe head position is changed.

Sensor Search

Auto Sensor Selection works with the new Clearance Box to ensure collision free probe paths when changing probe positions between measurements.

Overall program efficiency is improved automatically, by keeping the total number of probe positions used to measure the part to a minimum.


CAD Visualization

To enhance the user experience, CAD features are now shown as transparent, this allows easy access to the drag-and-drop tools when configuring the measurement strategy.


Manual Measurement

A new design of the Manual Measurement window, with large display counters, improves the visibility of touches when measuring features, particulary when operating CAMIO from a distance.


CMM Settings Utility

This new standalone utility enables setting from one CMM installation with CAMIO to be copied to another.

Copying CAMIO setting can provide an important back-up, as well as assisting customers when harmonizing CMM settings across multiple installations.


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