February 10, 2024

Achieve better accuracy with our new ALTERA C HA

LK Metrology introduces the ALTERA C HA, a higher-accuracy version of the ALTERA C with optimized precision, for reduced measurement uncertainty when inspecting tight tolerance parts.

ALTERA C HA is available in the same model sizes as ALTERA C, with integrated or freestanding controller, and passive or active anti-vibration mounts. Tactile probing is limited to the PH10M or PH10T probe head, and TP200 touch probe and/or SP25M scanning probe, laser scanning is also available.

In comparison to the standard ALTERA C, the HA version delivers a 16% higher volumetric accuracy, 13%  better repeatability and 50% more accurate tactile scanning. Volumetric accuracy is from 1.3+L/350, repeatability is from 0.0013 mm and scanning accuracy is from 0.002 mm.

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