Boost your CMM performance with a LK CMM upgrade

An upgrade to your existing co-ordinate measuring machine can provide many benefits without incurring the cost of purchasing a new machine.

Most coordinate measuring machine structures will last in excess of 20 years due to the low levels of wear and tear through normal use however electronics, control systems and software quickly become outdated as new technology is developed. LK Metrology can offer you a range of hardware and software upgrade options that will bring your CMM back to life.

Key benefits

  • Increased productivity
    By using the latest sensor technology and rapid programming software, a greater throughput can be achieved saving time and money.
  • Reduced cost
    Using state-of-the-art electronics and control systems, maintenance and support costs can be lowered due to the higher reliability and reduced servicing time.
  • Better insights
    The introduction of a Nikon non-contact laser scanner or a more efficient tactile probe system can provide a much higher level of measurement information giving you tighter control of your manufacturing processes.
  • Future-proof
    Confidence that your CMM will perform measurement tasks for today and in the future.
  • Compatibility across multiple measuring devices
    Standardising to a single measurement software on your manual and DCC CMMs plus portable arm CMMs can lead to a reduced training and support burden and allow a more flexible use of your engineers.

Benefits & features

nikon metrology retrofit calibration

Calibration, Maintenance and Helpdesk

All upgrades are covered by LK Metrology’s comprehensive service and support team and we can offer calibration, maintenance and helpdesk contracts to suit your requirement.


Once your machine has been upgraded, LK Metrology can offer a calibration service to maintain the highest level of accuracy and repeatability. This can be as a ‘one-off’ visit or part of an ongoing calibration contract.


nikon metrology retrofit service

Service and repair

Regardless of the OEM of your CMM, after an upgrade our highly skilled engineers can offer a complete maintenance and repair service including spare parts to ensure your machine remains operational.

nikon metrology retrofit maintenance

Maintenance contracts

Both hardware and software maintenance contracts can be provided to give you peace of mind that your system is always up-to-date. Software maintenance contracts provide continued access to the latest software versions.


It is important that following any upgrade your engineers have a good knowledge of the software and machine operation. Full training by our experienced team of applications engineers is included with standard and advanced courses available.

Telephone and email helpdesk service

After all upgrades, unlimited telephone helpdesk support is available for the first 12 months giving confidence that questions and problems can be answered with minimal delay.

As well as our own brand co-ordinate measuring machines, we have performed upgrades on many CMM brands including:

Brown and Sharpe Johannson Numerex
Coord3 Leitz Sheffield
DEA LK Steifelmayer
Ferranti Metris Wenzel
Hemel Mitutoyo Zeiss
Hexagon Mora Zetmess

CMM-Manager upgrades may be possible without changing the existing CMM controller. Please contact your LK representative for more information.

CMM probing – The right probe for the job

Using modern probing technology can enhance your measurement capability in many ways from simply offering automated stylus changing to faster measurement speed with more accuracy.

nikon metrology retrofit cmm probing


  • Analogue scanning with data collection rates up to 1000 points per second
  • Faster inspection times

Nikon L/LC/XC laser scanners

  • Non-contact feature and surface inspection
  • Increased productivity with better insights and full part-to-CAD comparison


  • 5 axis touch trigger measurement
  • Increased throughput and reduced calibration time


  • Dynamic scanning head with infinite positioning for unparalleled flexibility
  • Up to 50x faster than traditional scanning

CMM controller

Whether you want to upgrade your controller to replace old non-maintainable hardware or simply to give compatibility with the latest CMM hardware and software products, upgrading to the latest generation of LK controllers provides many advantages including:

  • Blended machine moves to increase CMM performance
  • Latest error-mapping to guarantee CMM accuracy
  • Access to the latest probe technology for increased efficiency
  • Compatibility with the latest CMM programming software
  • Automated CMM operation (integration to robot loading etc.)
  • Support for 4th axis rotary tables

CMM hardware

Existing motors and drives will often be compatible with new controller technology but can be upgraded to offer improved reliability and performance if required. Measuring scales also do not always need replacement but can be upgraded to replace old or damaged equipment when needed.

CMM programming software

There are many benefits of upgrading your CMM software including:

  • Reduced programming time with an easy-to-use intuitive user interface
  • Integration to the latest versions of CAD formats
  • Multi-sensor capability to use the right sensor for the inspection
  • Increased productivity through offline programming
  • The use of a single software platform across all your CMM’s and other measuring devices

LK offers two comprehensive software solutions to suit your inspection requirements.

nikon metrology retrofit cmm manager


  • Click and measure functions
  • Quick graphical reporting
  • ASME Y14.5 GD&T support
  • Advanced path planning
  • Smart collision avoidance

nikon metrology retrofit camio


  • Icon driven interface
  • Wizard based operation
  • Multi-sensor capability
  • Flexible graphical reporting
  • DMIS based programming
  • Full CMM simulation

Compatible with many 3rd party controllers – no need to replace your existing CMM controller.

Workstation and peripherals

A simple upgrade to the computer could provide a faster processing time to reduce the cycle time of running existing programs and increase the speed of printing the inspection report.

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