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LK Metrology is proud to present CAMIO SPC, a groundbreaking addition to the CAMIO suite, designed to meet the evolving needs of statistical process control (SPC) in the era of Industry 4.0. Through years of innovation and development, LK Metrology has crafted seamless interfaces with leading SPC packages on the market, such as Q-DAS, Prolink QC-CALC, and CM4D, as well as bespoke, customer-specific systems. With the launch of Metrology Gate, LK Metrology elevates its offering with an in-house statistical package that boasts state-of-the-art integration capabilities for Industry 4.0 communications and data transfer.

Statistical evaluation reimagined with Metrology Gate

CAMIO and ARCOCAD users can now enhance their metrology solutions with an SPC analysis package via the addition of the METROLOGY GATE module. This innovative module empowers users to conduct comprehensive statistical process control analysis, generating a variety of charts and visualizations for specific parameters, including:

  • XR and XS Charts
  • Cp, CpK Indices
  • Pp, PpK Indices
  • Quadsum and Pareto Charts
  • Normal Distribution Analysis

Experience Industry 4.0 with METROLOGY GATE

METROLOGY GATE brings the vision of Industry 4.0 to life, offering not just advanced SPC analysis, but also:

  • Real-time machine monitoring and environmental control for unparalleled operational insight.
  • Data transfer with prioritized dissemination, ensuring critical information is shared efficiently across platforms.

Seamless data transfer and integration

Additionally, CAMIO SPC offers a direct data transfer module to Q-DAS® from the CAMIO Launchpad. This module enables users to produce files in the Q-DAS® ASCII data format effortlessly, creating output files containing Q-DAS information for all toleranced features. This level of integration simplifies the SPC process, allowing for more efficient and accurate data analysis and reporting.

Tailored for precision, efficiency, and connectivity

CAMIO SPC is more than just a software module; it’s a comprehensive solution tailored to the needs of manufacturers aiming for precision, efficiency, and seamless connectivity in their quality control processes. Whether enhancing existing CAMIO or ARCOCAD systems with the METROLOGY GATE module or utilizing the direct data transfer capabilities to Q-DAS®, CAMIO SPC is your gateway to advanced statistical process control in the age of Industry 4.0.