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CAMIO Point Cloud

CAMIO Point Cloud, enhanced by Focus Inspection, is LK Metrology’s flagship solution for point cloud inspection, setting a new industry benchmark. Tailored for the meticulous measurement of airfoils and blades prevalent in the aerospace and energy sectors, CAMIO Point Cloud, in conjunction with CAMIO control and measurement software, offers unmatched inspection precision and verification of complex geometries against their CAD mathematical descriptions.

Digital Inspection process: a leap towards efficiency

The Digital Inspection Process, powered by CAMIO Point Cloud, digitizes components at the outset, aligning metrology operations with digital CAD-centric development processes. This innovation not only streamlines metrology but also provides deeper metrological insights essential for enhancing styling, tooling, prototyping, and production phases.

User-Centric design for enhanced productivity

With its focus on easy-to-use inspection workflows, CAMIO Point Cloud empowers both operators and engineers to seamlessly transition from point clouds to graphical geometry reports. Intelligent feature detection and analysis algorithms ensure high productivity and consistency, making the inspection process both efficient and reliable.

Key features of CAMIO Point Cloud

  • Comprehensive Inspection Applications: Offers the most complete set of functions for digital surface and feature inspection, including freeform surfaces, full part-to-CAD inspection, and geometric features analysis.
  • Intuitive User Interface: Workflow-oriented design minimizes clicks, simplifying the inspection process for all users.
  • Automatic Feature Detection: Advanced algorithms extract geometric features with high accuracy, supporting both automatic and semi-automatic feature detection for a wide range of 2D and 3D features.
  • GD&T and Reporting Standards: Supports ASME Y14.5 GD&T standard and facilitates easy-to-interpret, interactive reporting to aid decision-making.

Seamless integration and sharing capabilities

CAMIO Point Cloud includes a data transfer module for direct integration with Q-DAS®, enabling users to produce files compatible with the Q-DAS® ASCII data format. Furthermore, the free Focus viewer allows for effortless sharing of 3D results with colleagues and customers, enhancing collaboration and communication.

Virtual assembly and automation

Virtual assembly capabilities expedite decision-making and reduce pre-production timelines by using digital copies of reference parts. With macro-based recording actions, CAMIO Point Cloud automates the entire inspection cycle, from alignment and filtering to analysis and reporting, requiring no specific programming skills.

Why Choose CAMIO Point Cloud?

CAMIO Point Cloud, powered by Focus Inspection, is the definitive choice for industries seeking to integrate advanced point cloud inspection into their quality control processes. Its combination of powerful inspection tools, ease of use, and automation capabilities makes it an indispensable asset for any organization aiming to maintain the highest standards of quality while embracing the efficiencies of digital transformation.