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CAMIO Blade is the cutting-edge software module designed specifically for the precise measurement of airfoils and blades, pivotal components in the aerospace and energy industries. When paired with the CAMIO control and measurement software, CAMIO Blade delivers unmatched inspection and verification capabilities, allowing for an unparalleled assessment of complex geometry parts against their CAD mathematical descriptions. This state-of-the-art module supports both contact mode and non-contact laser scanning mode, providing a comprehensive solution for today’s most challenging inspection tasks.

Seamless integration with CAD systems for comprehensive analysis

CAMIO Blade not only excels in measurement but also in the detailed analysis of geometrical errors. It generates reports that define and display all major dimensional parameters, fully leveraging the integration capabilities of CAMIO with CAD systems. This ensures that every aspect of the blade’s geometry is meticulously examined and reported, from mean lines and edge points to chord angles and profile thickness.

Dedicated functions for detailed blade characteristic analysis

The software module comes equipped with dedicated functions specifically designed for the analysis of blade characteristics, making tasks such as examining mean lines, chord lines, edge angles, and profile forms straightforward and efficient. Here are just a few of the characteristics that can be easily analyzed with CAMIO Blade:

  • Mean Line
  • Chord Line and Chord Angle
  • Tangent and Edge Angles
  • Maximum, Chord, and Tangential Widths
  • Stacking Point and Distance
  • Maximum and Edge Thickness
  • Profile Form, including Lean, Bow, and Twist

Automated inspection path generation and best fit analysis

With CAMIO Blade, the generation of probing inspection paths is fully automated when the CAD profile of the blade is available, simplifying the inspection process and enhancing efficiency. Additionally, the software automatically applies the best fit to the results of the measurement cycle, ensuring the highest level of accuracy in the inspection process.

Sensor technology compatibility

CAMIO Blade supports a wide range of sensor technologies to accommodate various inspection needs:

  • Point to Point Touch Probe
  • Continuous Scanning Probe
  • Non-contact Laser Scanners


This versatility allows users to select the most appropriate sensor technology for their specific blade inspection requirements, ensuring that no detail is overlooked.

Transform your blade inspection process

CAMIO Blade is more than just a software module; it’s a comprehensive blade inspection solution that integrates seamlessly with existing CAMIO software, offering unmatched precision and efficiency in the inspection of airfoils and blades. Whether you’re involved in aerospace, energy, or any industry reliant on precise blade measurements, CAMIO Blade is your key to achieving superior inspection results.

Discover the power of advanced point cloud blade inspection with CAMIO Blade and redefine the standards of accuracy and efficiency in your inspection processes.