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Arcocad | The metrology software

ARCOCAD is an Application for Dimensional Metrology based on the latest Software Technologies. The modern architecture highlights the following features:

  • Implementation of the native DMIS language
  • Total solution for both prismatic and free form measurement
  • Complete GD&T, geometric dimension and tolerances, as per ASME Y14.5M-2009
  • Geometrical engine supporting neutral IGS and STEP formats or native CAD interfaces
  • Points cloud inspection with chromatic CAD reports
  • Textual, graphical and statistical output representation
  • Fully integrated with Metrology Gate for Industry 4.0
  • Powerful solution for single and dual arm CMM
  • Integrated with articulated arms
  • Interfaced to several different CNC controller and measuring instruments
  • I++ compliant
  • Off-Line Graphical programming tools with simulation of the program  
  • Complete compensation of the CMM errors (Bridge, Horizontal and Dual Drive)


ARCOCAD – Inspection from the model

The full package for the total metrological solution

ARCOCAD uses the CAD model to support the inspection of prismatic and free form models

All the nominals come directly from the models, the CAD engine lets the free form alignment to be done and the add-in for reverse engineering makes the reconstruction of models possible

The Cad model it is used to build custom graphical reports while simulation add-ins let the user preview the path before it is actually performed

The graphical representations of the sensors make the environment more realistic and the choice of the inspection strategy easier

ARCO GRAPHICS – Visual Inspection Option

Enhances the geometrical inspection with the graphical representation of the measured elements

The curve reconstruction from points, the export in IGES format of the measured elements and the form error visualization are the main features of this option.

All the feature available in ARCO QUICK are know enhanced by the graphics

ARCO OFF-LINE – Time Saving Option

Use the full set of capabilities of ARCOCAD to build programs without using the machine

This complete simulation package makes the construction of programs independently from the CMM saving time and reducing the period where the machine is down to build programs

The collision avoidance function verifies the path and helps to create a collision free program to run on the actual CMM

ARCO OFF-LINE makes your CMM a real production instrument letting ARCO OFF-LINE build programs and the ARCO RUNNER execute them

Hardware Compatibility

Manual Counting Card for CMM

  • Rd77
  • ENC7480
  • DEVA 001
  • UCC light

CNC Controller for CMM

  • LK NMC300
  • CC3
  • DEVA004
  • Renishaw UCC Light
  • Renishaw UCC2
  • Renishaw T and S
  • B3C

Articulated ARM

  • LK
  • Faro
  • Kreon
  • Tomelleri
  • Romer
  • RPS

Sensor Technologies Compliancy

  • Probing Heads
  • Touch Trigger Probes
  • Contact Continuous Scanning Sensors
  • Sensor Library capable of recognizing most sensors available on the market today
  • Renishaw
  • Laser Scanning Sensors
  • LK
  • Nikon
  • Kreon
  • Precitrack 3D
  • STL
  • Sensor Changing Racks
  • The build-in wizard makes the use of Multiple Tool Changing Racks easy and immediate.
  • The handling of all tool changers is included as a standard feature of ARCOCAD
  • Renishaw
  • Tesa
  • Custom

International Standards Compatibility


Using proprietary licences ARCO is able to use the following native formats:

  • CATIA V4
  • CATIA V5
  • PRO-E
  • UG
  • VDA-FS
  • STEP
  • ACIS

The models are brought in ARCO maintaining the original colours and layer structure.


ARCOCAD supports, as a standard, the neutral format IGES.

All the geometrical information (CAD and features and Points Cloud) can be exported in IGES format

The standard DMIS Editor works side by side with  the natural language view.

The DMIS language is now translate in human language!

  • All the programs are shown in a DMIS Editor with a colour code representation for an easy reading of the language
  • The editor carries a DMIS assistant that helps to write native DMIS code when doing advanced programming and the syntax analyser finds the typos.
  • ARCO use all the DMIS language capabilities to write advanced syntax in building parametric programs
  • It is also possible to build macros and procedure to speed up the programming.
  • Libraries of functions can be moved from one system to another.

ANSI/ASME GD&T tolerance

ARCOCAD allows the application of geometrical tolerance in accordance to international standards.

It is possible to define the data reference frame for each tolerance range by using specific tools to define the minimum and maximum tolerance for each material.

The tolerance data may be directly sent to the program or showed in a preview in order to allow a quick analysis of the part.

ARCOCAD fully supports the I++ standard protocol, this enables the software to be compliant with all the controllers supporting the standard independently from the manufacturer.


ARCO is an advanced CAD programming and analysis system, ideal for simplifying and optimizing the inspection and measurement processes across various industrial sectors. Thanks to its “Quick Programmer”, ARCO allows for efficient program construction, integrating multiple functionalities into a single panel:

  • Inspection and GD&T Tolerances: ARCO performs detailed inspections and manages GD&T tolerances to ensure component precision.
  • Alignment and Coordinate System Creation: With various alignment modes, including CAD previews, ARCO significantly reduces editing times by minimizing alignment errors.
  • Feature Definition from CAD: Utilizes CAD capabilities to extract nominal definitions directly from the model, speeding up the measurement process.
  • Sensor Management and Output: ARCO enables easy sensor management and the immediate generation of detailed reports, applying necessary tolerances.
  • Feature Measurement and Construction: Facilitates quick inspection of elements with TECH CAD utility, converting each click into an inspection point.
  • Inspection Pathway: Evenly distributes inspection points, allowing for the rapid creation of inspection pathways for free-form or structured surfaces.

These capabilities make ARCO an essential tool for industrial measurement and inspection, ensuring precise results and reduced processing times.


The Output of the Results can be formatted in different formats:

  • TEXT
  • HTML

The Output Viewer Allows the edit of the report graphically with no access to DMIS CODE

The output of the Results can be formatted in different formats: TEXT, HTML, EXCEL, GRAPHICAL, STATISTICAL

Color Map on both Scanner data and Point to Point inspection

The SPC – Metrology Gate module is an option to ARCOCAD. ARCOCAD’s versatility can be further enhanced through the use of this module expressely dedicated to Statistical Process Control.

Metrology Gate’s objective is to create a real time connection between the CMM’s measurement results and those people dedicated to the analysis of the status of the production process. Metrology Gate is the necessary tool to integrate your quality control instruments to your Industry 4.0 system.


Metrology Gate allows a statistical analysis of the Process Control with the creation of a variety of charts:

  • XR
  • XS
  • Cp, CpK
  • Pp, PpK
  • Quadsum
  • Pareto
  • Normal Distribution

Customized charts for specific industry segments can be produced upon request.


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