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Arco SPC

Over the years LK Metrology has developed interfaces towards the various SPC packages available in the market today and towards customized Customer specific proprietary statistical process control systems.

With the introduction of Metrology Gate LK Metrology is formalizing their offer of an own statistical package available with state-of-the-art integration toward Industry 4.0 communications and data transferability requirements.

Statistical Evaluation Through Metrology Gate

CAMIO and ARCOCAD can be enhanced with an SPC analysis package through the addition of the METROLOGY GATE specific module, this module enables statistical Process Control analysis through the generation of different charts visualizing different specific parameters, as for example: ₋XR ₋XS ₋Cp, CpK ₋Pp, PpK ₋Quadsum ₋Pareto ₋Normal Distribution

Experience Industry 4.0 with METROLOGY GATE

With METROLOGY GATE see Industry 4.0 come to life.

  • SPC analysis
  • Real Time Machine Monitor and Environmental control
  • Data Transfer with prioritized dissemination


Also available separately:

A data transfer module to Q-DAS® directly from the CAMIO Launchpad which enables the User to produce files compatible with the Q-DAS® ASCII data format and create output files containing Q-DAS information for all toleranced features