10 year original accuracy guarantee


Arco Point Cloud

Point Cloud is an ARCOCAD option that enables ARCOCAD to work with laser scanners for inspection purposes.

Optimizing inspection efficiency and detail

The point cloud is a large amount of data collected on the part, with the scanner, which makes the inspection process much faster and with higher point density in order to collect more detailed information on the part under analysis.

Statistical approach for accurate feature extraction

The feature extraction function is based on a statistical approach that allows for the accurate calculation of the features from a large collection of points.

Native CAD Format Compatibility for Point Cloud Inspection

Using proprietary CAD licences Point Cloud Inspection is able to use the following native CAD formats: ₋ CATIA V4 ₋ CATIA V5 ₋ PRO-E ₋ UG ₋ SOLID WORKS ₋ VDA-FS ₋STEP ₋ACIS PARASOLID

Seamless CAD model integration and error visualization

CAD models are imported into Point Cloud Inspection maintaining the original colours and layer structure.

The color map allows to visualize the errors on the part, showing the deformation with a color code representation making the report easy to understand.

Customizable output and versatile scanner support

Several types of output are programmable in order to visualize and analyze the results from different views, error handling and labels.

In ARCOCAD multiple scanners are supported over multiple controllers making a uniform solution suitable for application on several different CMM and articulated arms installed in the same facility.