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Arco Gear

GEAR, the advanced software module offered by LK Metrology, is specifically designed to enhance gear measurement and inspection capabilities on Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs). Seamlessly integrating with CAMIO or ARCOCAD — LK Metrology’s globally recognized CMM control and measurement software — GEAR sets a new standard in gear inspection efficiency and precision.

Comprehensive gear inspection solutions

GEAR’s current version brings unparalleled versatility to gear inspection, supporting a wide array of gear modules including:

  • Helical Gears: Inspection capabilities extend to External Helical Gears, Internal Helical Gears, and Partial Helical Gears.

  • Spur Gears: Comprehensive support for External Spur Gears, Internal Spur Gears, and Partial Spur Gears.

  • Partial Gears: Expertly manages the inspection of gears missing one or more teeth, catering to both “open” and partial configurations across Spur, Helical, Internal, and External gear types.

  • Inner and Outer Gears: Versatile inspection for an array of gear designs, whether Spur, Helical, Internal, or External.

Professional gear measurement

With the GEAR module, gear measurement and inspection are not just simplified; they’re transformed into an effortlessly professional endeavor. Designed to empower gear manufacturers along with their production, maintenance, and inspection workflows, GEAR delivers a solution capable of inspecting the most commonly used gear classes at a price/performance ratio that is hard to beat.

Guided programming and advanced integration

At the programming level, GEAR distinguishes itself with a user-friendly help wizard that guides users through the entire inspection process. This intuitive approach ensures a seamless experience, eliminating potential for programming errors and avoiding unnecessary downtime. Furthermore, GEAR supports the integration of cutting-edge technologies to enhance measurement system accuracy and throughput. Depending on the specific gear application, users can leverage:

  • Point-to-point touch probe
  • Continuous scanning probe
  • 5-axis head
  • Rotary table

Why choose GEAR for your inspection needs

GEAR is more than just a software module; it’s a comprehensive gear inspection ecosystem designed to meet the needs of today’s gear manufacturers. Whether you’re involved in the production, maintenance, or inspection of gears, GEAR by LK Metrology offers a robust, professional-grade solution that promises to revolutionize how gear measurements are conducted. Embrace the future of gear inspection with GEAR, where precision, efficiency, and user-friendly operation converge to deliver unparalleled results.

Explore how GEAR can transform your gear inspection processes and drive your manufacturing efficiency to new heights. Discover the power of integrated gear measurement with GEAR by LK Metrology — because when it comes to precision metrology, we gear you towards success.