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Hardware Upgrades, Retrofits & Support Contracts

Revitalize Your CMM with Advanced Retrofits

LK Metrology specializes in comprehensive CMM retrofits, offering a new lease of life to your existing equipment with the latest in LK Controllers, DC Motors & LK Friction Drives, Linear Scales & Digital Read Heads, Computers, and LK Software. Whether you’re looking to fully upgrade from manual to DCC systems or replace an existing machine bridge with an LK Ceramic Bridge while retaining granite rails and foundation, we provide tailored solutions to meet your needs.

CMM Retrofits: Extending Life or Considering New?

For over 25 years, LK Metrology has been at the forefront of retrofitting CMMs from over 50 manufacturers worldwide. Our expertise spans a diverse range, including Boice, Brown & Sharpe, and Zeiss, to name a few. Opting for a retrofit often means full system updates to the latest controllers and inspection software, maintaining the original CMM frame but enhancing functionality to match that of a new machine.

Cost-Effective Upgrades with Tangible Benefits

Choosing a full machine retrofit with LK Metrology can significantly reduce costs, typically ranging between 15% and 40% of the investment in a comparable new machine, with larger frames yielding greater savings. The benefits are substantial:

  • Enhanced Reliability: Latest machine controllers, computers, and software ensure dependable performance.
  • Mechanical Upgrades: Optional enhancements to drives and encoders improve machine operation.
  • Increased Accuracy: Advanced error correction and sensor technologies elevate measurement precision.
  • Improved Programming: Integration of the latest CAD I/F, GD&T, and ANSI standards enhances software functionality.
  • Advanced Reporting: Upgraded capabilities for detailed and insightful reporting.

Tailored Retrofit Solutions

Deciding between a CMM retrofit and purchasing a new machine involves careful consideration of various factors. LK Metrology’s team is dedicated to guiding you through this decision-making process, ensuring you choose the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your metrology needs.

With LK Metrology, breathe new life into your CMM, enhancing its performance, reliability, and accuracy, while securing a significant return on investment.