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SLK25 Laser Scanner

High accuracy with maximum productivity

Thanks to VIVID laser scanner technology from LK, the SLK25 provides quality professionals with an opportunity to maximise efficiency when measuring complex surfaces, small details and fragile parts.

The SLK25 VIVID CMM laser scanner is a high accuracy, high resolution blue laser CMM scanner and viable alternative to tactile metrology. SLK25 offers manufacturers a smarter metrology  solution, with the productivity, accuracy and versatility required for a vast range of parts, processes and materials.

More surfaces, including the most challenging dark, transparent or highly reflective materials can be measured efficiently in a single pass of the laser scanner. VIVID multiple exposure technology quadruples the dynamic range of the SLK25 laser scanner. Phasing the laser scanner exposure time during scanning to match the part surface, optimises acquisition speeds and data quality. Exposure settings are provided for typical applications, with fully configurable user settings for more specialist requirements.


CERTIFIED ACCURACY – Fully traceable to international standards for CMM laser scanner accuracy

VARIABLE SCANNING SPEED – High density point clouds for small details and high-speed scanning for large areas.

MULTIPLE EXPOSURE SCANNING – Measure the most challenging dark, transparent and reflective surfaces with ease and speed.

AUTOMATED PROGRAMMING – Create inspection programs and scanning paths automatically by selecting surfaces on the CAD model.

LIVE PREVIEW – Make measurements and teach programs remotely with real-time feedback of the laser scanner position.



Scanner TypeLine
Laser line width24 mm (.95 in)
Resolution (near, mid, far)9.3, 10.9, 12.9 µm
Scan Rate140 Hz

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The newest laser scanner introduces the 4th generation Enhanced Sensor Performance (ESP4). With a high point resolution along a 100 mm wide stripe, the L100 achieves a data collection rate of 200,000 points per second. As the most productive line scanner, it offers double the point resolution, 2.5 x the scanning speed and 30% better accuracy than other scanners. With a projected field-of-view, the L100 makes for easy path planning and the ESP4 means it is the most adept at handling difficult shiny or reflective surfaces. Like other line scanners, the L100 is often used for surface and feature inspection in automotive and aerospace applications. However, its specification makes it the fastest and most accurate multi-purpose scanner, therefor the most proficient tool for almost any application.


Scanner TypeLine
Laser line width100 mm (3.9 in)
Resolution42 µm


The high accuracy laser scanner LC15Dx features a small laser line, and a higher number of points along said line for a higher resolution, to make it the most accurate laser scanner available on the market today. The LC15Dx perfectly suits digitizing compact or detailed objects with higher point density and tighter tolerances, both suited for surfaces and features. Considering this, the LC15Dx is often used for the inspection of high precision parts. The LC15Dx closes the gap between laser scanner and tactile probe accuracy, making it a viable alternative to a tactile probe for an increasing number of high precision CMM applications. In tests, the LC15Dx achieved the accuracy associated with using a tactile probe on a CMM. The probing error of 1.9 µm mirrors the accuracy expected when using a CMM fitted with a tactile probe. Unlike a tactile probe though, the LC15Dx uses non-contact 3D laser triangulation to measure the surface directly and eliminate probe compensation errors.


Scanner TypeLine
Laser line width15 mm (0.6 in)
Resolution22 µm


The XC65Dx Cross Scanner utilizes three laser stripe scanners in one sensor. The three lasers are spaced 120 degrees apart and observe the part in question from three angles. By doing this, the XC65Dx can acquire the same amount of data with just one scan than a line scanner would do in three scans. This feature makes the XC65Dx well suited to feature inspection of slots, holes and grooves in sheet metals or items with a large complex surface area. It is often used in automotive BIW (Body-in-White) inspection, gap & flush and driveline casting inspection. Whilst the long standoff Cross Scanner retains the many advantages of the original XC65Dx, it also excels in dealing with accessing difficult-to-reach or obscured areas. By capturing geometries up to a distance of 170 mm (7.1”), the scanner gains optimum access to cavity surfaces of body-in-white structures or can scan over the clamps that hold components in position. For these reasons, the XC65Dx-LS scanner is used a lot on horizontal-arm CMM in the automotive industry.


Scanner TypeCross
Laser line width3x 65 mm (2.6 in)
Resolution65 µm

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