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Portable Measuring Arms


Introducing the FREEDOM ARM Series by LK Metrology: Your ultimate solution for portable measuring arms, offering unmatched quality control, on-machine verification, reverse engineering, and 3D modeling capabilities. Designed with versatility in mind, the FREEDOM ARM series is available in 6-axis and 7-axis configurations, featuring touch probe and laser scanner options, tailored to meet the diverse needs of today’s dynamic manufacturing environments.

Why Choose FREEDOM?

  • Portability and Precision: The FREEDOM ARM range, comprising three models with three accuracy levels and various sizes, ensures precision measurements anywhere on the production floor. Its lightweight design and wireless connectivity provide unparalleled ease of use and flexibility.

  • Multi-Functional for Enhanced Productivity: Designed for productivity, practicality, and flexibility, the FREEDOM ARM allows for immediate start-up with no warm-up time or calibration needed, ensuring manufacturing processes remain uninterrupted.

  • Advanced Technology for Efficiency: The series boasts the Ultra-Fast H120 Laser Scanner, with next-generation blue-light technology, real-time power optimization, and the ability to scan all materials and finishes without pre-coating.


  • Quick Access Menu puts the most useful information right at the point of measurement, exactly where it’s needed most, in the users hand.

  • Immediate visual, acoustic and haptic feedback functions provide efficient communication to keep the process running at full speed.

  • Infinite rotation and zero-G counterbalance helps reduce user fatigue and maintains accuracy.


  • Wireless connectivity and battery power for completely portable probe and laser measurements.

  • Even the largest FREEDOM arm weighs less than 11 kilograms, making set up and repositioning a quick and easy process.

  • HomeDock and SmartLock allow the arm to be stowed and locked in place between measurements, for greater security during transport and set-up.

Ultra-Fast H120 Laser Scanner

  • Next generation blue-light laser scanner
  • Advanced optics and electronics
  • Real-time laser power optimisation
  • Projected field-of-view for precision handheld scanning
  • High quality data in any challenging environment
  • Scan all materials and finishes without pre-coating

The Ultimate in Portable Measurement

LK Metrology’s FREEDOM ARM series is the first choice for professionals seeking a compact, versatile, and highly accurate measurement solution. Whether for aerospace, automotive, medical, or any industry with demanding metrology requirements, the FREEDOM ARM series delivers efficiency, versatility, and convenience without compromise.


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