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Industry 4.0

NC Measure

As the need for precise machine tool measurements grows, NC Measure provides crucial support by offering advanced probing techniques and metrology software integration. This innovative approach not only supports part alignment and provides vital statistical information for large-scale production but also offers crucial feedback on tool offsets and part alignment to minimize deviations and reduce scrap.

Probing Techniques: Boosting Productivity and Accuracy

The integration of probing techniques allows machine tools to become significantly more productive by reducing the reliance on separate CMM measurements. While an NC Machine Tool cannot replace a CMM for ultra-high precision, it effectively uses comparative techniques to monitor the stability of production processes. This streamlined approach helps in significantly reducing operational loops.

Probes: Key to Precision

In machine tools, probes, particularly touch probes, are not standard but can be easily added to existing installations. These probes, whether mechanical based on high accuracy styluses or electrical based on Strain Gage technology, provide direction-independent performance and exceptional accuracy. They are crucial for capturing precise measurement data which NC Measure utilizes for inspection tasks.

Calibration and Configuration

Proper calibration is essential for the effective use of probes. NC Measure facilitates this with features allowing graphical configuration, probing path generation, and calculation of probe diameter and offsets. It also offers a correction map to compensate for any uneven probe behavior based on measuring direction, ensuring reliable and consistent data.

Flexible Integration and Real-Time Data Handling

NC Measure supports various integration setups:

  1. One Seat Per Machine: Direct connection setup where each machine tool connects to an individual seat of NC Measure, enhancing data handling and program execution directly from NC MEASURE to the machine tool in real-time.

  2. One Master Seat and Several Receivers: A cost-effective setup where a master seat manages program distribution and result collection from multiple machine tools, ideal for facilities operating several machines.

NC Measure Capabilities

NC Measure inherits its robust capabilities from ARCOCAD, offering:

  • DMIS measuring language support

  • Graphical probe building and simulation

  • Comprehensive CAD import functionality

  • Detailed textual and graphical reporting

  • Industry 4.0 readiness through integration with Metrology Gate

These features make NC Measure an essential solution for modern manufacturing environments aiming to enhance precision, efficiency, and productivity in their machining operations.