10 year original accuracy guarantee

Large volume CMM


The LK Metrology Maxima Series represents the pinnacle of large bridge coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), integrating the acclaimed design principles of LK Metrology’s high-accuracy CMM portfolio. This series leverages the innovative use of bonded ceramic materials in its beam and spindle construction, ensuring a superior stiffness-to-weight ratio and enhanced durability against wear, temperature changes, and time. Designed to deliver unwavering performance across expansive metrology applications, the Maxima Series is ideal for environments demanding large-scale precision measurements.

Key features

  • Advanced Material Construction: Utilizes bonded ceramic materials for beam and spindle, providing near-perfect stiffness-to-weight ratio.

  • Environmental Resistance: Offers exceptional durability and performance consistency in varying manufacturing environments.

  • Modular Design: Based on a modular concept for ease of maintenance and reliability.

High Performance and Reliability

  • Features low gap high-efficiency air bearings and zero hysteresis drive systems, embodying LK Metrology’s proprietary design.

  • Supports a wide array of probing solutions including touch-trigger, contact scanning, and non-contact laser scanning.

Technology and Software

  • Advanced multi-sensor ready technology, optimized for throughput and adaptable to new materials and components.

  • Innovative software workflows and intuitive features simplify complex inspection tasks, enhancing productivity.


  • Available in over 60 standard models.
  • Volumetric Accuracy from 3+L/350.
  • Repeatability from 3µm.
  • Max 3D Speed from 611 mm/sec.
  • Max 3D Acceleration from 500 mm/sec2.

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