10 year original accuracy guarantee

Large volume CMM


The AEROS Series represents a significant advancement in metrology, featuring a mechanical design engineered for sustained metrological performance. This series offers long-term measurement data stability, thereby minimizing the frequency and costs associated with maintenance and calibration.

Central to the AEROS design is the utilization of an aluminum alloy for the Z-axis spindle, paired with a proprietary “Single Read” scale system on the X-axis, to ensure precision and reliability.

Technical Highlights

  • The Y-axis employs a cross-beam constructed from light aluminum alloy, designed for maximum rigidity with minimal mass, optimizing movement efficiency.

  • A multi-sensor system automatically compensates for errors attributed to thermal expansion of the machine’s structural components, maintaining accuracy under variable temperature conditions.

  • An optional “Dual Read” scale system can be implemented on both X-axis beams to enhance metrological performance further.

  • The design of the X-axis beams focuses on controlled expansion, contributing to the machine’s consistent accuracy.

  • Optical scales feature a high-resolution expansion system (0.1µm), designed for precision.

  • Comprehensive protective measures, including covers and bellows for the main mobile structure (X / Y axes), are available to safeguard the machine’s integrity.


The AEROS CMMs Series is offered in 22 standard models, accommodating various measurement requirements with YZ-axes sections: 20.10 / 20.15 / 25.15 / 25.18. These models deliver accuracy starting from 4.3+4.0L/1000, with operational speeds up to 500 mm/sec and acceleration capabilities reaching 1200 mm/sec^2.

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