10 year original accuracy guarantee

Horizontal CMM


The LY-90T Console Design Series redefines the standards of precision measurement with its innovative horizontal arm configuration, designed for the accurate inspection of small to large sheet-metal and plastic components. Mounted on guideways and anchored to either granite or cast-iron plates, this series brings unmatched precision to a variety of industrial applications.

Enhanced versatility with rotary table integration

By incorporating a rotary table, the LY-90T Series extends its capabilities to inspect cubic and complex geometry parts, serving a broad spectrum of industries with ease. This feature underscores the series’ adaptability in handling diverse measurement tasks with the precision and reliability expected from top-tier CMMs.

Simplicity and modularity for optimal performance

The side-mount architecture with integrated work-tables exemplifies simplicity and modularity, ensuring that the LY-90T Series remains highly flexible and programmable. This design philosophy combines the efficiency and user-friendliness of traditional measurement gauges with the advanced functionality and speed of Coordinate Measuring Machines.

Key features of the LY-90T series

  • Console Design Horizontal Arm: Tailored for precise measurement across a range of component sizes.

  • Linear Optical Transducers and DC Servo Motors: Ensure controlled, accurate movements.

  • Air Bearings and Precision Guideways: Provide smooth operation and stability across all axes.

  • Safety and Installation Flexibility: Features like mechanical carrier counterbalance with safety brake and optional cast iron work-plates enhance safety and versatility.

The LY-90T Series offers 45 standard models, catering to varied measurement requirements with YZ axis sections ranging from 10.15 to 16.25. Boasting an accuracy starting from 10+18L/1000, a 3D speed of up to 520 mm/sec, and an acceleration of 850 mm/sec^2, this series sets new benchmarks in measurement speed and accuracy.

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