10 year original accuracy guarantee

Horizontal CMM


The LY-90R Series stands out as a technologically sophisticated yet cost-effective solution for measuring large components, particularly suited for the automotive, land transport, and heavy industries. This series boasts air bearings on both the Y and Z axes, ensuring top-tier performance, precision, and reliability in dimensional control tasks.

Engineered for accuracy and durability

Constructed from light aluminum alloy, the LY-90R’s mobile carriage combines lightweight design with heavy-duty performance. The double mechanical guideway and recirculating ball bearings system emphasize the series’ commitment to measurement accuracy and speed. Additionally, heavy-duty walkable guideways enhance safety for operators and the system itself, making the LY-90R ideal for shop-floor environments.

Flexible installation options

Designed with versatility in mind, the LY-90R’s X-axis guideway can be installed on the floor or at floor level, accommodating various production settings. The series also supports installation on a pneumatic vibration isolation system, negating the need for a dedicated foundation and enabling use in diverse production environments.

Key features of the LY-90R series

  • Runway Design Horizontal Arm: Tailored for the inspection of large and heavy parts with ease.

  • Linear Optical Transducers and DC Servo Motors: Deliver controlled and precise movements.

  • Air Bearings and Precision Guideways: Ensure smooth operation and stability.

  • Safety and Operational Excellence: Mechanical carrier counterbalance with safety brake for enhanced safety.

The LY-90R Series offers 24 standard models, with YZ axis sections ranging from 10.10 to 16.25, ensuring a solution for a wide range of measurement needs. With an accuracy starting from 10+15L/1000, a 3D speed of up to 520 mm/sec, and an acceleration of 850 mm/sec^2, this series redefines expectations for speed and accuracy in the measurement of large components.



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