10 year original accuracy guarantee

Horizontal CMM


The HC-90 Series represents a revolutionary step in the evolution of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), merging the precision typically associated with bridge CMMs with unparalleled horizontal flexibility. Engineered for performance in the most demanding environments, the HC-90 Series leverages LK Metrology’s proprietary air bearing design along with a ceramic column construction to offer accuracy for larger components that was once thought unachievable.

Advanced material for supreme performance

  • Utilizing high-quality Alumina Ceramic, the HC-90 Series boasts optimal speed, stiffness, and enduring measurement accuracy.

  • Alumina Ceramic is chosen for its exceptional stiffness and thermal properties, being 330% stiffer and four times more thermally stable than aluminum, providing unmatched rigidity critical for high-accuracy measurements.

Designed for versatility and integration

  • With its design optimized for production-line integration, the HC-90 offers flexible positioning and articulation, enabling installation in virtually any setting, even under extreme operating conditions.

  • Three design options — HC-90T (Table-mounted), HC-90R (Single-arm guideway), HC-90TR (Twin-arm guideway), and HC-90WTR (Floor-integrated twin guideway) — cater to a wide range of industrial applications and space configurations.

Stress-Free construction for lasting confidence

  • The choice of stress-free Ceramic guideways over aluminum ensures long-term dimensional stability and accuracy, reducing the need for frequent machine verification and saving time and money.

  • The lightweight nature of Alumina Ceramic, combined with its superior stiffness and thermal stability, enables faster measurement speeds across all temperature ranges without sacrificing accuracy.

A new era in CMM technology

By combining the precision of bridge CMMs with the flexibility of a horizontal layout, the HC-90 Series stands out as a game-changer in the world of metrology.

Tailored for industries requiring the utmost in measurement accuracy and flexibility, from automotive to aerospace and beyond, the HC-90 Series marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of metrological excellence.


10.4.6 up to 50.16.20


Single-arm guideway
40.16.20 up to 100.16.30


Twin-arm guideway
40.16.20 up to 100.16.30


Floor-integrated twin guideway
45.16.20 up to 100.16.30

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