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ALTERA SL | Reference for Sub-micron Accuracy

The ALTERA SL Series from LK Metrology represents the pinnacle of high-accuracy coordinate measuring machine (CMM) technology available today. With its High Accuracy and Very High Accuracy versions, the ALTERA SL Series stands at the forefront of the market, offering levels of precision that compete with and challenge the sector’s leading solutions.

Unmatched precision and adaptability

  • Incorporating advanced multi-sensor ready technology, the ALTERA SL Series maximizes throughput and adapts seamlessly to changing customer needs, accommodating a wide array of materials and components.

  • Noteworthy for its exceptional features, including the raised shoulder of the X-axis guideway for ultrafast dynamics and the S-axis 0.1-micron scale, the series achieves unparalleled accuracy.

Engineered for superior performance

  • The series showcases increased stiffness and stability within its metrology frame, ensuring sustained accuracy and reliability across all measurements.

  • Optimized scanning performance not only delivers top-tier accuracy but also enhances throughput, making the ALTERA SL Series ideal for high-precision applications.

Versatile configuration for diverse needs

  • Available in sizes ranging from 8.7.6 up to 25.20.15, the ALTERA SL Series offers flexibility in configuration, catering to both high accuracy and very high accuracy requirements.

  • Tailored for the measurement of today’s most precision-critical parts, this series is a testament to LK Metrology’s commitment to innovation and quality.

Specifications at a glance

  • Accuracies begin at an impressive 0.7µm+L/600, with repeatability of 0.5µm, setting a new standard in measurement precision.

  • The series boasts a speed of 318mm/sec and an acceleration of 566mm/sec^2, balancing precision with efficiency.

The future of high precision metrology

  • The ALTERA SL Series is specifically designed for sectors demanding the utmost accuracy, including aerospace, automotive, medical, and precision engineering.

  • By offering configurations that meet the most stringent accuracy requirements, the ALTERA SL Series represents LK Metrology’s advanced capabilities in providing solutions that meet the evolving demands of precision metrology.

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