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ALTERA SCANTEK5 | 5-axis Multisensor CMM for Speed & Flexibility

The ALTERA SCANtek5 Series from LK Metrology redefines the landscape of 5-axis multisensor coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) with its unparalleled accuracy and flexibility. This series stands as the most comprehensive solution in the very high accuracy 5-axis multisensor CMM category, designed to meet the dynamic needs of today’s manufacturing landscape, especially in the automotive and aerospace sectors.

Advanced sensing for diverse applications

  • Equipped with REVO, MODUS, and a suite of dedicated sensors for contact, non-contact, and surface finish scanning, the ALTERA SCANtek5 delivers exceptional throughput and versatility.

  • This multifaceted approach allows for detailed and efficient inspection of complex automotive and aerospace components, among others.

Design innovation for superior performance

  • A superior ceramic design ensures an almost perfect stiffness-to-weight ratio, enhancing the system’s reliability and precision.

  • The series benefits from exceptional resistance to temperature fluctuations, guaranteeing consistent performance in varying manufacturing environments, supported by an innovative folding guideway panels design.

Wide range of models with exceptional accuracy

  • The ALTERA SCANtek5 Series is available across all models from the ALTERA M, MAXIMA, and ULTRA ranges, offering a broad spectrum of solutions for different metrological challenges.

  • Starting accuracies of 1.6µm+L/375 and repeatability of 1.6µm underscore the series’ capability to provide very high precision in measurement tasks.

The future of 5-axis multisensor metrology

  • The integration of advanced sensors and the flexibility of the system make the ALTERA SCANtek5 Series a future-proof investment for industries aiming to enhance their quality control and product development processes.

  • Its adaptability and high throughput ensure that it remains a critical tool for businesses as they navigate the evolving demands of precision engineering and manufacturing.

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