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Bridge CMM

ALTERA M | Mid-Size Bridge CMM (1m-2m)

The ALTERA M Series by LK Metrology sets a new benchmark in the realm of very high accuracy, multipurpose coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). It represents the pinnacle of available CMM classes today, combining advanced capabilities with unparalleled flexibility. Equipped with cutting-edge multi-sensor ready technology, the ALTERA M Series adapts to evolving customer needs, allowing for an extensive range of applications without the necessity for additional wiring or controllers.

Design excellence for superior performance

  • The series boasts a superior ceramic construction that ensures an almost perfect stiffness-to-weight ratio, greatly enhancing measurement reliability.

  • Exceptional resistance to temperature variations guarantees enduring performance in any manufacturing setting, supported by an innovative folding guideway panels design.

Model diversity for broad applications

  • With 30 different models characterized by 7 different bridge sections, starting from 8.7.6 and extending strokes up to 60.20.15, the ALTERA M Series offers unparalleled versatility.

  • This series is ideally suited for industries with rigorous metrology standards, such as aerospace, automotive, medical, and more, delivering precision where it matters most.

Advanced specifications for demanding tasks

  • Starting accuracies of 1.5µm+L/375 and a repeatability of 1.5µm set the series apart in terms of measurement precision.

  • The series impresses with a speed of 833mm/sec and an acceleration of 2514mm/sec^2, optimizing throughput for high-volume, high-precision tasks.

Flexible and future-ready

  • The ALTERA M Series is designed to accommodate a diverse array of materials and components, ensuring it remains a vital tool for industries as their technological and material needs evolve.

  • Its design and technology prepare businesses for the future, making it an investment in lasting metrological excellence.

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