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Bridge CMM


The ALTERA C HA Series represents a significant leap in the precision capabilities of the already impressive ALTERA C range from LK Metrology. Designed for applications where accuracy is non-negotiable, the HA (High Accuracy) version boasts substantial improvements in volumetric accuracy, repeatability, and tactile scanning performance.

Elevated accuracy for demanding applications

  • The ALTERA C HA version offers a 16% higher volumetric accuracy compared to the standard ALTERA C, with figures starting at 1.3+L/350.

  • Repeatability has been enhanced by 13%, starting from an exceptional 0.0013 mm.

  • Tactile scanning accuracy sees a 50% improvement, beginning at 0.002 mm, setting a new standard for precision in compact CMMs.

Design and engineering excellence

  • Focused design improvements have led to a 17% increase in bridge stiffness, thanks to a new main leg design informed by finite element analysis (FEA). This enhancement ensures unparalleled structural integrity and measurement consistency.

  • Such advancements underscore LK Metrology’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge engineering techniques to elevate metrological performance.

Model availability and probing options

  • The ALTERA C HA mirrors the model sizes of the standard ALTERA C range, maintaining versatility across a wide spectrum of measurement tasks.

  • Users can choose between PH10M or PH10T probe heads, TP200 touch probe, and/or SP25M scanning probe. For those requiring advanced surface detail capture, laser scanning is also an option, broadening the scope of applications.

Application across industries

  • With its enhanced accuracy and stiffness, the ALTERA C HA Series is particularly suited for sectors with stringent metrological requirements, including aerospace, automotive, and medical device manufacturing.

  • Its robust design and advanced probing capabilities make it an ideal choice for precision engineering tasks, from complex component analysis to intricate design verification.

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