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Industry 4.0


Automation in metrology represents a significant leap towards achieving unparalleled productivity in manufacturing. By integrating automated control of multiple systems within a single cell, companies experience marked improvements in production consistency, which directly enhances product quality. Automation reduces labor, energy, and material costs, delivering a potent combination of efficiency and precision.

Comprehensive Flexible Manufacturing Solutions (FMS)

LK Metrology offers a wide array of Flexible Manufacturing Solutions, ranging from machine tools and quality control to handling equipment and material management. Key components like warehousing, safety systems, and post-machining operations are seamlessly integrated. The synchronization of Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) within these automation cells allows for a scalable solution that evolves from manual loading to sophisticated, fully integrated FMS, tailored to meet specific customer requirements, whether through LK Metrology’s turn-key solutions or via third-party integrators.

Advantages of Automated Manufacturing Systems

The benefits of adopting automated manufacturing systems include continuous 24/7 operation, 100% inspection rates, and real-time corrective actions, which altogether eliminate variations caused by operator influence. This level of automation supports in-line CMM integration with other automated manufacturing cells, incorporating CNC machine tools, transfer systems, and robot handlers, all coordinated by Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs).

In-line Integration and Operator Safety

The in-line integration approach allows for CMMs to be controlled exclusively by the cell automation system, ensuring efficient component transit with powered transfer systems and multiple pallet stations. Safety is paramount in automated setups; LK Metrology emphasizes safeguarding personnel and equipment with comprehensive safety systems including barrier interlocks, opto-electronic presence detection, and extensive emergency stop circuits.

Enhanced Process Quality Control

Automation extends to process quality control, utilizing advanced statistical process control (SPC) methods to monitor and improve product quality continuously. Real-time data integration ensures that all parts meet strict quality standards with immediate feedback mechanisms, such as visual, audio, and text alerts, contributing to a responsive manufacturing environment.

Customizable and Secure Manufacturing Environments

Safety enclosures in automated systems not only protect against contaminants but also control environmental conditions to optimize CMM performance. These enclosures are customizable, featuring bi-folding doors, safety interlocks, and various color choices, all designed to enhance the operational efficiency and safety of the manufacturing process.


Automated metrology, particularly with LK Metrology’s advanced solutions, propels manufacturing into a new era of productivity and precision. By embracing automation, manufacturers can ensure consistent quality, reduce costs, and maintain a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced industrial landscapes.