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Metrology Gate Provides Connected CMM World

METROLOGY GATE is a platform providing a comprehensive cloud-based monitor of coordinate measuring machine (CMM) performance, health and measured data. The METROLOGY GATE portal allows users to obtain company measurement performance, with OEE index, real-time view of quality data from any device, access to CMM inspection reports from anywhere at anytime, and low-down on CMM status and activity 24/7.

METROLOGY GATE offers Machine Environment, Machine Monitor, Statistical Dashboard; Graphical Reports with CAD models and Control Charts.

On each installed CMM a dedicated client is added that provides the interface to METROLOGY GATE. On the server the nominal template of the part is defined with all of the inspection results and machine health data being uploaded without further user interaction. The server can be hosted on a PC, server or stored in the cloud.

Data from traditional manual gauges can also be uploaded to METROLOGY GATE for remote performance monitoring.

METROLOGY GATE daily reports can include:

  • Production results per shift
  • Sudden shift in process average
  • Part quality per shift
  • Comparison between CMM machines


Source: Metrology News