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LK Metrology and Wenzel Technologies enter into a strategic partnership

Angelo Muscarella and Frank Wenzel agreeing the strategic partnership between LK Metrology and Wenzel Technologies

New alliance draws on 100 years of metrological knowledge and experience

LK Metrology and Wenzel Technologies have entered into a strategic partnership with immediate effect. In addition to a joint technological cooperation, Wenzel Technologies will sell LK’s innovative, high-performance coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and other metrological products in southern Germany.

For more than 50 years, the name Wenzel has stood for the highest standards in metrology. Frank Wenzel, who once built the measurement technology company founded by his father into a world market leader and since 2018 has been successfully concentrating on milling solutions for automotive design studios, is now opening the next chapter. With products from LK, he is expanding his portfolio again with powerful systems for measurement, inspection and quality control.

Frank Wenzel, CEO of Wenzel Technologies explains, “LK has an impressive equipment portfolio that surpasses even my previous products in terms of accuracy and customisation. I am firmly convinced that we will be able to meet the high expectations of the German customers with these solutions.”

Established nearly 60 years ago, LK Metrology is the oldest CMM manufacturer in the world. Many innovations in measurement technology, which are now recognised as standard in the industry, can be traced back to the English company. LK’s products including CMMsportable measuring arms and metrology software, are used worldwide to control and improve the quality of components, both in production and in the laboratory. Customers come from the aerospace, automotive, medical, energy and defense sectors, amongst others.

Wenzel Technologies operates two development centres in Germany as well as a software laboratory in California and employs numerous measurement technology experts, some of whom have decades of experience.

Angelo Muscarella, CEO of LK Metrology says, “With its immense technical know-how and excellent knowledge of the market, Wenzel Technologies is an ideal cooperation partner for us. Together, we will present highly attractive, innovative and holistic solutions at attractive prices.”

About Wenzel Technologies

Wenzel Technologies is part of FW International GmbH, based in Hösbach. Its subsidiary Wenzel DesignTec is a leading provider of milling machines for automotive design studios. Frank Wenzel was the Managing Director of the Wenzel Group, based in Wiesthal, until FW International GmbH was founded in 2018. Further information and contact details may be found at www.wenzel-technologies.com

About LK Metrology

Established in 1963, LK Metrology has an impressive heritage in metrology dating back to the birth of CMM technology. In 2018, LK Metrology was relaunched as an independent CMM manufacturer after its acquisition by Angelo Muscarella, CEO and owner of ASF Metrology, Italy. LK’s CMM development and production are at the company’s facility in Castle Donington, UK. Sales and support offices are located in the UK, North America, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and China, supplemented by a worldwide distributor network. Further information and contact details may be found at: www.lkmetrology.com

Source: Equipment News