Car Body & Panels

Are characterized by free-form and sculptured sheet-metal surfaces which are stamped according to a CAD model and may vary in time due to material thickness, tool wear and other factors, which tend to deform the part in unpredictable ways and in the end compromise the fit of all the parts in respect of each other. In order to carefully ascertain that dimensional parameters are respected LK Metrology offer a wide range of sensors that allow for the measurement of sheet-metal panels, sub-assemblies and assemblies through the gathering of vast amounts of accurate surface points in contact, non-contact and combined modes. Of particular interest is the Flush & Gap inspection between the assembled car body and access panels such as doors, hood and trunk, for which LK Metrology offer a specifically dedicated sensor solution. Of great importance are also the position and dimension of certain geometric features, such as holes and slots in the components where most features are reference locations for the positioning of the part or as mounting points for trim components. Advanced software functions based on over 50 years of know-how provide for the analysis of measured data with graphic CAD comparison output providing powerful insight into local surface and geometry deviations.