Automated control of multiple systems in a single cell ‚Äč

  • Highest potentials for increased productivity‚Äč
  • Production consistency improves product quality‚Äč
  • Reduces labour, energy and materials costs‚Äč
FMS (Flexible Manufacturing Solutions)
  • Range of parts‚Äč
  • Machine tools‚Äč
  • Quality control‚Äč
  • Handling equipment‚Äč
  • Material management‚Äč
  • Safety system‚Äč
  • Warehousing‚Äč
  • Post machining operations‚Äč
Synchronisation of CMM within automation cell
  • Scalable solution from manual loading to complex FMS
  • Standard technology customised to customer requirement
  • LK Metrology¬† turn-key solution or 3rd¬†party integrator solution
Benefits of Automated Manufacturing
  • 24/7 operation
  • 100% inspection
  • In-line measurement
  • Real-time corrective action
  • Eliminate operator influences
In-line CMM automation

Proven solutions for in-line CMM¬†integration with automated manufacturing cells incorporating a variety of production¬†equipment and systems.‚Äč

  • ‚ÄčCNC machine tool‚Äč
  • Transfer system‚Äč
  • Robot handler‚Äč
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)‚Äč
  • Material planning¬†‚Äč
  • Safety system‚Äč
  • Wash plants

In-line Integration

CMM controlled exclusively by the cell automation system.

Transfer System‚Äč

Efficient transit of components to and¬†from the CMM.‚Äč

      • Powered transfer‚Äč
      • Multiple pallet stations‚Äč
      • Pallet shuttle system‚Äč
  • Loading trolley & Conveyor system‚Äč

Semi-automated CMM solutions


User input is required to initiate the measurement sequence

Pallet Systems‚Äč

Quick and easy method of loading and¬†unloading components.‚Äč

ID markers provide automatic part¬†recognition.‚Äč

  • Part recognition‚Äč
  • Fool proof pallet design‚Äč
  • Repeatable kinematic location‚Äč
  • Pneumatic/manual clamping‚Äč
  • Pallet storage racks‚Äč

Operator and Machinery Safety

Personnel and equipment safeguarded from¬†moving machinery¬†and¬†hazardous areas by¬†presence detection devices and other safety¬†equipment.‚Äč

  • Barrier interlocks‚Äč
  • Opto-electronic presence detection‚Äč
  • Pressure-sensitive foot mat‚Äč
  • Extended emergency stop circuit‚Äč
  • New or upgradeable systems‚Äč

Status Alerts‚Äč

Tower lights¬†‚Äč
  • CMM status and¬†other process¬†events‚Äč
  • Visual, audio and¬†wireless alerts
Text Alerts‚Äč
  • Text alerts to¬†mobile phone‚Äč
PC Alerts‚Äč
  • Wireless alerts to PC dashboards
Progress Board‚Äč
  • Wireless updates¬†to production¬†board
Safety Enclosures

Enclosures provide a¬†temperature controlled¬†environment and‚Äč protection from¬†airborne contaminants.¬†Innovative low cost¬†designs and custom¬†solutions are available.¬†‚Äč

  • Air conditioning‚Äč
  • Positive air¬†pressure‚Äč
  • Bi-folding /¬†pneumatic door‚Äč
  • Safety interlock‚Äč
  • Internal lighting‚Äč
  • Removable service¬†panels‚Äč
  • Colour choice‚Äč

Process Quality Control‚Äč

Improve or maintain product quality¬†and reduce or eliminate manufacturing errors, using¬†empowering quality control reports,¬†data and output files.‚Äč

  • Pass/fail status‚Äč
  • GD&T inspection report‚Äč
  • Process Monitoring‚Äč
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)‚Äč
  • Machine tool offsets‚Äč