Software Helpdesk

LK Metrology Helpdesks can help you with specific software programs.  This service is tailored to your exact measurement needs when you have questions or encounter difficulties.  You can rely on the experts at LK Metrology for insightful advice with a quick response time.

The LK Metrology Helpdesk support team are application engineers who use the software daily and are metrology experts in various industrial segments. They are always ready to answer all your questions during the support activity.

The Software Helpdesk provides immediate support for part programming questions, general use questions and application specific issues.  Our customer support team is your first stop for all of your support needs.

If you have questions about your CMM, software, applications or training, we have the answers! We view direct, extensive support of our customers as a key responsibility that is vital in today’s competitive environment. The level of support needed depends on your individual needs and circumstances, which is why we offer a wide range of tools and services.

We provide personal phone service:  Our experienced software and hardware specialists provide expert advice for all aspects of your LK Metrology CMM system. After all, no one knows your equipment better than the manufacturer.