The optional state-of-the-art Point Cloud Blade Inspection  software module for the measurement of airfoils and blades typical of the aerospace and energy segments

In combination with the CAMIO control and measurement software it allows for the unparalleled, in the market, inspection and verification of complex geometry parts against their CAD mathematical descriptions in contact mode and non-contact laser scanning mode

All measurement routines can be further analysed through the issue of  geometrical errors reports, with all the major dimensional parameters defined  and displayed with all the capabilities typical of CAMIO in conjunction with CAD systems

Blade characteristics with dedicated functions which can be easily analysed are: ₋Mean Line ₋Edge Point ₋Chord Line ₋Chord Angle ₋Tangent Angle ₋Edge Angles ₋Edge Radii ₋Maximum Width ₋Chord Width ₋Chord Length ₋Tangential Width ₋Angular Width ₋Stacking Point ₋Stacking Point Distance ₋Maximum Thickness ₋Edge Thickness ₋Profile Thickness ₋Profile Form ₋Edge Line Profile Lean/Bow/Twist

A fully automatic generation of the probing inspection path, and the automatic best fit of the results of the measurement cycle can be easily achieved when the CAD profile of the blade is available

The inspection cycles are available for all the following sensor technologies:

  • Point to Point touch probe
  • Continuous Scanning probe
  • Non-contact Laser Scanners