CAMIO 2021 R3

What’s New

  • CAMIO GEARS measurement and reporting module for spur and helical involute gears
  • Intelligent 3-2-1 datum alignment using best-practice techniques
  • More efficient definition of datum labels using the feature explorer
  • Control the order features are reported in graphical tables
  • Define teach-path directions and coordinates using CAD
  • Enhanced GD&T distance between reporting
  • Point retrieval for features measured using a tactile probes

CAMIO GEARS software module

Measure, analyse and report the specific geometry of gears by utilising the core capabilities of CAMIO software to generate inspection programs, gear reports and calibration routines.

  • Unique gear definitions, evaluation algorithms and reporting graphics for each gear type
  • Spur and helical gears with involute profiles
  • Full and partial tooth patterns
  • Guided sequence of user steps
  • Parametric gear programming
  • Automatic program creation
  • Path planning with clearance moves
  • Pre-measurement visualisation of probe positions
  • Touch-trigger probe and scanning probe support
  • Programmed probe calibration routines

Smart 3-2-1 Datum Alignment

New functionality intelligently selects the datum axis and origin constraints, and most suitable datum features using best-practice techniques. Should the user change the alignment properties manually, the selections automatically update.

Explorer Tree Datum Definition

New functionality for defining datum features directly from the feature explorer, with the option of specifying the datum label.

Report Table Feature Order

New options for controlling the order features are reported in graphical report tables. · Alphabetical order · Program output order · User defined ‘designer’ order

Teach-Path Coordinates & Directions

New feature for defining the directions and coordinates of items in the teach-path using the CAD model.

Distance Between Enhancement

New options for defining the distance between algorithm independent of the selected GD&T standard. · Global or per program settings · According to the selected GD&T standard · Distance between axes or feature surfaces · Dimension origin in accordance with ASME Y14.5

Tactile Point Retrieve

New capability for retrieving measured points from a feature measured using a tactile probe, this complements existing functionality for retrieving measured points from a point cloud.