The ultimate choice of CMM multi-sensor metrology software

Proven in the most challenging application environments CAMIO is the CMM software of choice for many of the world’s largest manufacturers. By leveraging the productivity benefits of CAMIO, manufacturers can focus on accelerating lead times and improving product quality while reducing costs. CAMIO’s interoperability across CMM platforms, sensor technology and manufacturing sites, is a unique advantage which guarantees the sustainability of your investment in software and inspection programs.



LK Metrology is renowned for innovative CMM hardware and software solutions, and has been credited with many industry firsts, including the first bridge-style CMM, first high accuracy horizontal arm CMM and first software developed specifically for CMMs.

Our technologies underpin the process chain from design, development, production and assembly through to quality assurance in global industries such as automotive, aerospace, defence, motorsport, energy, medical and contract inspection.

This combination of technology and expertise enables us to develop solutions that provide unique and proven capabilities. CAMIO has core competencies that provide real enhancements to benefit each stage of a production process. By leveraging these benefits to improve product quality, reduce cost and accelerate lead times, manufacturers gain a real and measurable competitive advantage.

To be competitive in a global market manufacturers need to take full advantage of the most efficient, innovative and capable technologies.

Whether a small company with one CMM or large organisation with multiple installations, CAMIO provides a CMM software solution to match your business requirements and safeguard your investment.


CAMIO 2022

  • Improved Measurement Strategies and new streamlined workflow, resulting in greater productivity when programming.
  • New default Measurement Strategy for point, circle, line, plane, edge, cylinder, slot and curve features.
  • Copy a Measurement Strategy to quickly apply multiple measurement techniques to a feature.
  • Probe Path simulation now displays the measurement mode, touch points, intermediate moves and connecting moves.
  • New Clearance Planes automatically provide safe connecting moves between inspected features.
  • Automatic arc-path intermediate moves to avoid probe collisions when measuring an external circular feature.
  • The Report Summary, QIS label information and non-program related events can now be sent to Metrology Gate.
  • The inspection program Run Number is now stored with the measurement results in the Inspection Database.
  • Enhanced GD&T with Customised Datum Reference Frames for positional tolerances.
  • Multiple bilateral position tolerances can now be created more efficiently in a single operation.
  • Added support for unequally disposed tolerance bands according to the latest GD&T standards.
  • The coordinates of taught GOTO moves can now be rounded using a user-defined number of decimal places.
  • Errors resulting from feature measurements, constructions and extractions can now be processed within the DMIS program.

CAMIO has in-depth programming, analysis and reporting capabilities for a wide range of CMM applications - all features are tightly integrated into a single platform using proven technology and the latest developments in CMM software.

CAMIO encourages users to drive the inspection process graphically, everything from part alignment, feature inspection and dimensional tolerancing is much faster and more intuitive when users work with CAMIO’s advanced user interface.

Novice users find the step-through approach to CMM inspection particularly easy to master and quickly migrate to the more progressive features of the software. More experienced users appreciate the advanced functionality and high-level DMIS language with conditional program execution and user macros.


CAMIO provides a powerful suite of graphical programming tools for 3D measurement - including online and offline programming, CAD and non- CAD applications and multi- sensor technology.

CAMIO’s advanced feature-based and point cloud-based programming routines simply complex inspection tasks by linking functions and applying specialized measurement sequences – from manual non-CAD programming to advanced 3D multi- path scanning methods using CAD.

Intelligent workflows optimize the programming session, with critical information and related functionally readily available at every step, and group feature dependencies and associated tolerancing to further streamline the process.


CAMIO enables manufacturers to analyze measurement data and share meaningful reports across multiple platforms - while keeping quality records safe for future reference. CAMIO provides a flexible inspection reporting solution to fit around your current process, while providing new possibilities.

Instant reports give real-time access to quality data, enabling you to take informed decisions sooner.

Standard templates provide countless reporting possibilities for a range of applications, and the capability to customize reports and create individual layouts.

When more creativity is needed a powerful report editor puts content rich output and drag & drop capability at your fingertips.

Should you need to further analyze your measurement results the inspection database stores your data safely in a convenient central location.

Program Editor

CAMIO gives you the freedom to generate programs using the programming technique you prefer, online and offline using CAD or teach and learn using the CMM handbox.

CAMIO provides the flexibility of different programming styles and two program editors - an easy to use block view of inspection objects with familiar drag & drop capability, and a more powerful DMIS editor for in-depth programming - both support native DMIS programs and are 100% compatible.

To safeguard your investment in inspection programs, CAMIO’s program interoperability ensures forward compatibility of your CMM programs.

Allowing you to migrate from older versions of software including 3rd party software and upgrade your hardware without having to rewrite your DMIS programs.


Allows programmers to fully prepare programs and optimize measurement sequences offline – ensuring programs are ready before parts arrive for inspection, and dramatically reducing CMM downtime when proving out programs. CAMIO’s virtual CMM provides a realistic offline CMM programming environment, with accurate CMM and probe motion sequences for collision detection and cycle time estimations. Several levels of simulation are available including CMMs library’s, multi-sensor probing, multiple work-piece models, holding fixtures, change racks and rotary tables.

Stand-alone CMM Automation


CAMIO automation software provides a modular solution for CMM automation with options to choose the level of CMM automation capability based on the application and setting.


In-line CMM automation allows manufacturing cells to increase product quality and production efficiency. The CMM is fully integrated in the cell with all sequencing managed by the cell control system and CAMIO automation software.

  • Rapid detection of process variation enables corrective actions in real-time while maintaining the flow of production.
  • Automatic monitoring of the manufacting cell for a quick response should the unexpected occur.
  • Personnel and equipment safeguarded by presence detection devices and other safety equipment.


Industry 4.0 defines what has been called the smart factory

Within a smart factory manufacturing systems communicate and cooperate with one another and humans. In-line measurement provides immediate feedback, enabling optimization of the process in real-time. Manufacturers benefit from, superior cost efficiencies, better quality products and higher productivity.

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