Arco Gear

GEAR is the optional software module for Gear Measurement and Inspection on CMM in conjunction with traditional CAMIO or ARCOCAD global CMM control and measurement software.

In the current version it allows for the inspection of the following gear modules:

Helical Gears – External Helical Gears, Internal Helical Gears, Partial Helical Gears

Spur Gears – External Spur Gears, Internal Spur Gears, Partial Spur Gears

Partial Gears – One or more of the teeth are missing. The gear itself may be “open” or simply partial. The Gear could be Spur, Helical, Internal or External

Inner and Outer Gears – The gears could be Spur, Helical, Internal or External

With the GEAR module for CAMIO and ARCOCAD, gear measurement and inspection become extremely easy to perform at a professional level !

LK Metrology can supply gear manufacturers, along with their production, maintenance and inspection chains, with gear inspection systems capable of inspecting most gear classes on the market today at very competitive price /performance ratios.

At the programming level, a help wizard guides the user along the entire process, eliminating any possibility of unwanted lost time or programming errors.

The following technologies can be integrated into the measurement system to improve accuracy, or throughput, or both, depending on the specific gear application at hand: point to point touch probe, continuous scanning probe, 5-axis head, rotary table.