The XC65Dx Cross Scanner utilizes three laser stripe scanners in one sensor. The three lasers are spaced 120 degrees apart and observe the part in question from three angles. By doing this, the XC65Dx can acquire the same amount of data with just one scan than a line scanner would do in three scans. This feature makes the XC65Dx well suited to feature inspection of slots, holes and grooves in sheet metals or items with a large complex surface area. It is often used in automotive BIW (Body-in-White) inspection, gap & flush and driveline casting inspection. Whilst the long standoff Cross Scanner retains the many advantages of the original XC65Dx, it also excels in dealing with accessing difficult-to-reach or obscured areas. By capturing geometries up to a distance of 170 mm (7.1”), the scanner gains optimum access to cavity surfaces of body-in-white structures or can scan over the clamps that hold components in position. For these reasons, the XC65Dx-LS scanner is used a lot on horizontal-arm CMM in the automotive industry.

  • Full 3D capture in a single scan. The ultimate scanner for feature inspection and more…
  • Surface and feature scanning in tight cycle times
  • Long-standoff (LS) option for hard-to-reach locations
  • BIW (Body-in-White) inspection
  • Gap & flush
  • Driveline casting (engine castings, etc.)
  • Welded studs
Probing error (MPEp)1 XC65Dx – 12 µm

XC65Dx-LS – 15 µm

Scanning speed Cross Scanner mode: 3 x 25,000 pts/s

Line scanner mode: 1 x 75,000 pts/s

75 lines/sec

Resolution 3 x 60 µm
Field-of-View width 3 x 65 mm
Field-of-View depth 3 x 65 mm
Stand-off distance XC65Dx – 75 mm

XC65Dx-LS – 170 mm

Laser safety Class 2
Enhanced Scanner Performance ESP3
Daylight filter Yes
Probe head compatibility PH10M, PH10MQ, CW43, PHS


All accuracy specifications valid for a CMM with an accuracy of 2µm + L/350 or better using manufacturer supplied test sphere.

1.Nikon Metrology test comparable to EN/ISO 10360-2 MPEP using 1ơ sphere fit.