The high accuracy laser scanner LC15Dx features a small laser line, and a higher number of points along said line for a higher resolution, to make it the most accurate laser scanner available on the market today. The LC15Dx perfectly suits digitizing compact or detailed objects with higher point density and tighter tolerances, both suited for surfaces and features. Considering this, the LC15Dx is often used for the inspection of high precision parts. The LC15Dx closes the gap between laser scanner and tactile probe accuracy, making it a viable alternative to a tactile probe for an increasing number of high precision CMM applications. In tests, the LC15Dx achieved the accuracy associated with using a tactile probe on a CMM. The probing error of 1.9 µm mirrors the accuracy expected when using a CMM fitted with a tactile probe. Unlike a tactile probe though, the LC15Dx uses non-contact 3D laser triangulation to measure the surface directly and eliminate probe compensation errors.

  • Highest accuracy for inspection of precision parts. Closing the gap with tactile accuracy.
  • Non-contact alternative to tactile probe accuracy
  • High-resolution for inspection of smaller items
  • Turbine blades
  • Medical implants
  • Precision moulds
  • High Accuracy non-contact measurements
Probing error (MPEp)1 1.9 µm
Scanning speed 70,000 points/sec

70 lines/sec

Resolution 22 µm
Field-of-View width 18 mm
Field-of-View depth 15 mm
Stand-off distance 60 mm
Laser safety Class 2
Enhanced Scanner Performance ESP3
Daylight filter Yes
Probe head compatibility PH10M, PH10MQ, CW43, PHS

All accuracy specifications valid for a CMM with an accuracy of 2µm + L/350 or better using manufacturer supplied test sphere.

1.Nikon Metrology test comparable to EN/ISO 10360-2 MPEP using 1ơ sphere fit.