The newest laser scanner introduces the 4th generation Enhanced Sensor Performance (ESP4). With a high point resolution along a 100 mm wide stripe, the L100 achieves a data collection rate of 200,000 points per second. As the most productive line scanner, it offers double the point resolution, 2.5 x the scanning speed and 30% better accuracy than other scanners. With a projected field-of-view, the L100 makes for easy path planning and the ESP4 means it is the most adept at handling difficult shiny or reflective surfaces. Like other line scanners, the L100 is often used for surface and feature inspection in automotive and aerospace applications. However, its specification makes it the fastest and most accurate multi-purpose scanner, therefor the most proficient tool for almost any application.

  • Ultrafast data collection, best combination of productivity and accuracy
  • Easy to use – Large field-of-view
  • Copes with changes in surface color
    • Enhanced scanning performance (ESP4)
  • Extended measurement reach
    • Integrated mount rotation
  • Feature inspection on larger parts
  • Fast surface inspection and shape validation
  • Body-in-White (BIW)
  • Flush & Gap inspection
Probing error (MPEp)1 6.5 µm
Scanning speed 200,000 points/sec
Resolution Max. 42 µm
Max. Field-of-View width 110 mm
Field-of-View depth 60 mm
Stand-off distance 105 mm
Laser safety Class 2
Enhanced Scanner Performance ESP4
Daylight filter Yes
Probe head compatibility PH10M, PH10MQ, CW43, PHS

All accuracy specifications valid for a CMM with an accuracy of 2µm + L/350 or better using manufacturer supplied test sphere.

1. Nikon Metrology test comparable to EN/ISO 10360-2 MPEP using 1ơ sphere fit.