High accuracy, high resolution blue laser CMM scanner

Thanks to VIVID laser scanner technology from LK, the SLK20 provides quality professionals with an opportunity to maximise efficiency when measuring complex surfaces, small details, fragile parts, dark materials and reflective surfaces – by overcoming the limitations of tactile inspection and other non-contact technologies.

CERTIFIED ACCURACY – Fully traceable to international standards for CMM laser scanner accuracy

VARIABLE SCANNING SPEED – High density point clouds for small details and high-speed scanning for large areas.

MULTIPLE EXPOSURE SCANNING – Measure the most challenging dark, transparent and reflective surfaces with ease and speed.

AUTOMATED PROGRAMMING – Create inspection programs and scanning paths automatically by selecting surfaces on the CAD model.

LIVE PREVIEW – Make measurements and teach programs remotely with real-time feedback of the laser scanner position.

Multi-sensor capability

The multi-sensor LK Metrology CMMs are equipped with an extensive range of scanning and trigger contact sensors and optical scanning sensors, tool changing automation hardware and software options. A variety of probe heads are supported to allow the application of these sensors.

Contact & Non-contact measuring systems

Laser Scanners

Contact measuring systems

2D Vision Measuring System

In an ever expanding range of multi-sensor and multi-software solutions the Deva 2D Vision probe is a new plug-and-play application for LK CMMs, equipped with CMM-Manager, which will be of particular interest for those customers in the electric vehicle industry and similar applications.