Portable Measuring Arms

Go-to Measurement Where It Benefits You Most

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LK Metrology launches the FREEDOM ARM range of 6 axis and 7 axis portable measuring arms – for quality control, on-machine verification, reverse engineering or 3D modelling. Available in three models, three accuracy levels and several sizes in different portable arm configurations with touch probe and laser scanner options.


The probing accuracy of every FREEDOM arm is certified before delivery to ISO 10360-12 as standard.


The only portable arm to eliminate encoder referencing – allowing the user to simply turn on and start measuring.


Repeatable probe connection  allows probe and laser swapping quickly and easily, with no need to recalibrate.Repeatable probe connection allows probe swaps without re-calibration.


Multi-function wrist display puts measurement control directly in the user’s hands aided by acoustic and haptic feedback.


High-tech carbon fiber tube construction ensures strength and stability under the most challenging conditions.


Infinite rotation and unique Zero-G counter balancing makes every movement light and easy to handle, including hard to reach measurements.


Wi-Fi connectivity and battery power for completely portable and laser measurement.


HomeDock and SmartLock features allow the arm to be stowed and locked in place between measurements and during set-up.