Made for very-large-scale measurement applications the LK Metrology Ultra CMM Series, with its elevated guideways design, offers among the best and most flexible solutions in the industry today for 3D dimensional inspection.

Applying the proven and unique use of bonded ceramic materials, for the high performing beam and spindle construction, with near perfect stiffness-to-weight ratio and greater resistance to time, wear and temperature variations; providing consistent performance across all manufacturing environments even for very large-scale metrology applications. An industry proven flexibile and reliable system when size really matters.

The unique LK Metrology, proprietary design, low gap high efficiency air bearings and zero hysteresis drive systems ensure the premium quality, high accuracy and throughput of Ultra CMM to meet the varying needs of manufacturers, today and in the future.

The Ultra range offers three machine design variants, the monolithic design with an integrated work-table, the classic gantry design, and the proven guideways on U-foundation design which can be implemented as above ground, ground level, or, in sub-ground foundation pit installations. All variants are based upon a common modular design concept providing high performance, reliability and an easy to maintain measuring system.

The Ultra systems range allows for very high accuracy measurements not usually associated such measuring envelopes while also supporting a variety of probing solutions including touch-trigger, contact scanning and non-contact laser scanning. This advanced multi-sensor ready technology, which in the SCANTEK version features RENISHAW REVO AND MODUS accessories, optimizes the CMM throughput and provides the opportunity to broaden the application scope to new materials and components as Customer needs change. Innovative software work-flows and intuitive features facilitate complex inspection tasks and boost productivity.

The Ultra range of solutions has a proven pedigree within aerospace airframe and large blades inspection, land transportation large engine and transmission components, large scale gears, power generation, large turbines, maritime engine and propellers, locomotive components and very-large-scale precision engineering.

The Ultra Series is available in standard, incremental sizes of 500mm, featuring X-axis up to 16 meters, the Y-axis from 4.5 meters to 6 meters and Z-axis up to 3 meter with larger strokes available upon request. Volumetric Accuracy (µm) from: 4+L/250 – Repeatability from 4µm – Max. 3D Speed from: 462 mm/sec Max. 3D Acceleration from: 582 mm/sec2.