The AEROS Series is characterized by an innovative mechanical design that guarantees the continuity of metrological performance in time, ensuring measurement data stability while preventing unexpected maintenance and calibration costs.

AEROS is a design equipped with an aluminum alloy Z-axis spindle and a “Single Read” scale system on the X-axis.

  • Y-axis cross-beam in light aluminum alloy for maximum rigidity and minimum mass in movement
  • Multi-sensor system for automatic compensation of errors due to thermal expansion of structural components
  • An optional “Dual Read” scale system on both X-axis beams ensures excellent metrological performance
  • X-axis beams designed for controlled expansion
  • Optical scales with free high-resolution expansion system (0.1µm)
  • AEROS can be equipped with a complete system of protective covers and bellows for the main mobile structure (X / Y axes)

The AEROS CMMs Series is available in 22 standard models with the following YZ-axes sections: 20.10 / 20.15 / 25.15 / 25.18

  • Accuracy (µm) from: 4.3+4.0L/1000
  • 3D Speed from: 500 mm/sec
  • 3D Acceleration from: 1200 mm/sec2
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