Aeros P

The AEROS P Series consists of large gantry coordinate measuring machines for industrial metrology applications particularly in the aerospace, strategic and energy segments.

The specific build strategy of the structure, “Dual Drive” motion and “Dual Read” positioning system on the X-axis beams limit structural deformations during movement, guaranteeing the achievement of excellent metrological performance.

The AEROS P gantry systems are also very appreciated for the inspection of large geometrically accurate components, such as marine engines and transmissions, large transportation vehicles, as well as large parts and tools characterized by free-form and sculptured surfaces.

  • Generous dimensioning of the distance between the air bearings for optimal mechanical rigidity
  • X and Y axes rack & pinion drive system for accurate and efficient movement of the main axes
  • Wide cross section X-axes beams built of stabilized steel and equipped with a dedicated support system that allows for linear expansion without any induced stress nor deformation
  • Measurement system with high resolution linear transducers (0.1µm)
  • “Dual Read” positioning and “Dual Drive” motion systems on longitudinal X-axis
  • Multi-sensor system for automatic compensation of errors due to thermal expansion of structural components.

The AEROS P CMMs Series is available in 11 standard models with the following YZ-axes sections: 25.20 / 30.20 / 30.25 / 35.25

  • Accuracy (µm) from: 7.0+8.0L/1000
  • 3D Speed from: 530 mm/sec
  • 3D Acceleration from: 800 mm/sec2


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