The outstanding performance of the HC-90, unmatched in the CMM marketplace, gives you bridge machine accuracy, but with the flexibility offered by horizontal arm CMM.

Geometric stability at high speed and high acceleration, as well as resistance to harsh environments, cannot be maintained using designs utilizing aluminum or cast-iron guideways with mechanical bearings. Only the HC-90’s ceramic column and spindle running fully on LK air bearing technology can deliver accuracy unparalleled in the industry.

With column height up to 3m and spindle length up to 1.6m (up to 3.2m achievable with twin column installations), the HC-90 is flexible enough to cater for your largest components whilst maintaining high accuracy and unparalleled speed. A choice of three machine designs is available: the top mounted column on a table, the single arm column and the twin column floor machines on rails which can be installed on-floor or floor level, possibly with passive or active foundations, either can be configured with workshop hardened bellows or industrial strength walk-on X axis covers. The HC-90 Series have been designed to operate within the workshop, offering the option to install it practically anywhere, even in extreme operating conditions.