The outstanding performance of the HC-90, unmatched in the CMM marketplace, gives you bridge machine accuracy, but with the flexibility offered by horizontal arm CMM.

Geometric stability at high speed and high acceleration, as well as resistance to harsh environments, cannot be maintained using designs utilizing aluminum or cast-iron guideways with mechanical bearings. Only the HC-90’s ceramic column and spindle running fully on LK air bearing technology can deliver accuracy unparalleled in the industry.

With column height up to 3m and spindle length up to 1.6m (up to 3.2m achievable with twin column installations), the HC-90 is flexible enough to cater for your largest components whilst maintaining high accuracy and unparalleled speed. A choice of three machine designs is available: the top mounted column on a table, the single arm column and the twin column floor machines on rails which can be installed on-floor or floor level, possibly with passive or active foundations, either can be configured with workshop hardened bellows or industrial strength walk-on X axis covers. The HC-90 Series have been designed to operate within the workshop, offering the option to install it practically anywhere, even in extreme operating conditions.

Key benefits

Materials Technology

LK Metrology use high quality 96% Alumina Ceramic due to its exceptional stiffness and thermal characteristics. Alumina Ceramic is 330% stiffer and 4x more thermally stable than Aluminum and provides the rigidity that’s paramount in providing the User with a high accuracy coordinate measuring machine.

Stress relief in any structure causes it to change shape. In a CMM, this means continual dimensional instability. Using stress-free Ceramic guideways, as opposed to a continually stress relieving Aluminum fabricated assemblies, assures long lasting confidence in measurement accuracy and less requirement for machine verification saving the User time and money.

Alumina Ceramic is approximately 50% lighter than Granite while Steel is 200% stiffer and 2x more thermally stable than Aluminum. Increased stiffness allows you to increase measurement speed for greater throughput across all temperature ranges with no loss of accuracy.

Applications - Infinite positioning with PHS


  • Infinite positioning
  • ±184° articulation in both axis
  • 5-axis moves - CMM and probe head
  • Touch probe and laser scanner
  • Range of extension arms
  • Over travel protection
  • Passive change rack

Benefits (compared to indexing probe head)

  • Improved flexibility
  • Increased accessibility
  • Greater productivity
  • Longer probe lengths, up to 750mm (29.5”)
  • Shorter set-up times (inferred calibration)


  • Large parts with restricted access
  • Automotive body-in-white inspection
  • Aerospace precision fabricated structures
Applications - Multisensor

The choice of multi-sensor operation from indexing and continuous probe heads to touch-trigger probes, continuous scanning probes and non-contact sensors offers the flexibility to match the correct sensor to your application and to access all 6 faces of your component in one single operation thus saving time and increasing the accuracy of the inspection process.

Applications - Rotary Tables

Optionally available is the integration of a 4th axis unit from 4 to 8 position index rotary table through to fully 360º air lift rotary tables and high accuracy multi-positioning indexing tables.

Applications - Automation

For total production integration, machine enclosures, with or without environmental conditioning, can be supplied as fully interlocked units working together with a part loading device. Automatic work-piece recognition systems and anti-collision devices are also available for complete integration with host controllers for full FMS operation.

  • Ceramic Y and Z guide way
  • High efficiency air bearings
  • Zero hysteresis friction drives
  • Very High Available Uptime
  • Volume Range Table Version: 1000x400x600 to 4000x1600x2000
  • Volumetric Accuracy from 1.9 +L/250
  • Speed from 850 mm/sec
  • Acceleration from 3800 mm/sec2
  • Volume Range Rail Version: 4000x1200x1000 to 10000x1600x2500
  • Volumetric Accuracy from 8.0+L/200
  • Speed from 40 m/min
  • Acceleration from 7580 m/min2
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