The LY-90T Console Design Series sports the horizontal arm installed on guideways side-mounted unto the granite or cast-iron plate allowing for measurement of small, medium and large sheet-metal and plastic components.

With the integration of a rotary table, cubic and complex geometry parts from various industries can also be inspected.

Side mount architectures with integrated work-tables are extremely simple and modular to configure, guaranteeing the flexibility and programmability typical of Coordinate Measuring Machines with the speed and intuitive use of traditional measurement gauges.

  • Console Design horizontal arm Series
  • Measurement system with linear optical transducers
  • Control of movement through DC servo motors
  • Air bearings on the YZ axes, precision guideways on the X-axis
  • Mechanical carrier counterbalance with safety brake
  • No specific need for foundations unless specifically required
  • Cast iron work-plates are optionally available

The LY-90 T Series is available in 45 standard models with the following YZ axes sections: 10.15 / 12.15 / 15.15 / 15.18 / 15.20 / 15.25 / 16.20 / 16.22 / 16.25

  • Accuracy (µm) from: 10+18L/1000
  • 3D Speed from: 520 mm/sec
  • 3D Acceleration from: 850 mm/sec2
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