The LY-90R Series offers a technically advanced and cost-effective solution for the dimensional control of large components typical of the automotive, land transport and heavy industries

LY-90R is equipped with air bearings both on the Y-axis and on the Z-axis which guarantee high performance and accuracy results. The X-axis guideway can be mounted on the floor or at floor level

The light but heavy-duty mobile carriage is built entirely of light aluminum alloy and the double mechanical guideway sliding system with recirculating ball bearings guarantee reliability, accuracy and speed of the measurements

Heavy-duty walkable guideways provide safety for the operators and the system in a shop-floor environment. The open structure allows for the inspection of large heavy parts, placed on a work-plate, fixture or automated loading-unloading system

LY-90R can be installed on a pneumatic vibration isolation system for use in production environments, without the need for a dedicated foundation for the system

  • Runway Design horizontal arm Series
  • Measurement system with linear optical transducers
  • Control of movement¬†through DC servo motors
  • Air bearings¬†on the YZ axes, precision guideways on the X-axis
  • Mechanical carrier counterbalance¬†with safety brake

The LY-90 R CMMs Series is available in 24 standard models with the following YZ axes sections: 10.10 / 15.15 / 15.18 / 15.20 / 16.20 / 16.25

  • Accuracy (¬Ķm) from: 10+15L/1000
  • 3D Speed from: 520 mm/sec
  • 3D Acceleration from: 850 mm/sec2
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