In order to provide Customers with multiple options in the horizontal arm CMM range, LK Metrology has extended its offering with 3 additional models which offer a technically advanced design and a cost-effective solution for the dimensional inspection of large components typical of the automotive, land transport and heavy industries. To this effect the LY-90, available in both table and guideway versions, answers to the requirement of accessibility by a wider range of prospective Users.

The heavy-duty and ultrareliable HD-90 horizontal arm CMM model was developed specifically for car-body and sub-assembly quality inspection applications. It is totally encapsulated in protective covers to ensure thermal insulation against environmental changes while protecting the system from the contaminants typically found in a workshop environment. Further, the open structure guarantees maximum accessibility to the measurement area while simplifying manual or automated part loading and unloading operations, as well as allowing a safe utilization directly in any production area.