Horizontal CMM

The LK Metrology HC-90 high performance horizontal arm CMM has been long recognized as the most accurate horizontal arm CMM on the market, unequalled since its inception. Its geometric stability at high speeds and acceleration even in harsh environments cannot be achieved using alternative solutions or materials. The HC-90 series has been specifically designed to operate within the workshop, offering options to install it practically anywhere, even in extreme operating conditions.

In order to provide Customers with multiple options in the horizontal arm CMM range, LK Metrology has extended its offering with 3 additional models. Each model offers a technically advanced design and a cost-effective solution for the dimensional inspection of large components, typical of the automotive, land transport and heavy industries. To this effect, the LY-90, available in both table and guideway versions, fulfills the requirements of accessibility by a wider range of prospective users.

The heavy-duty and ultra-reliable HD-90 horizontal arm CMM model was developed specifically for car-body and sub-assembly quality inspection applications. It is entirely encapsulated with protective covers to ensure thermal insulation against environmental changes while protecting the system from the contaminants typically found in a workshop environment. Additionally, the open structure guarantees maximum accessibility to the measurement area while simplifying manual and automated part loading and unloading operations, allowing a safe operation directly in any production area.