Optimised for the new challenges of dimensional quality control, where parts are becoming smaller, designs more complex and design limits are narrowing.

ALTO is ideal for quality professionals taking their first steps in building up an automated inspection capability, with easy-to-use software and versatile options. ​​​

Aluminium half-gantry design

  • Micro-machined guideways for precision
  • Hard anodized for resistance to wear and corrosion

Air bearings

  • Large bearing spread for dynamic stability
  • Low maintenance, self-cleaning design

Friction drives

  • Smooth, exact motion control
  • Zero hysteresis, low maintenance

0.1µm encoders

  • High resolution optical scale system for accuracy

Passive anti-vibration

  • Optional active anti-vibration for Production areas

Temperature Compensation

  • For Quality labs and workshop environments

Integrated electronics and keyboard arm

  • Optional desk unit with controller mounting
Measuring Volume600 x 500 x 500 mm
Repeatability*2.3 µm
Acceleration1500 mm/sec2
Velocity 500 mm/sec
*TP200 probe and PH10 PLUS head

ALTO is a compact CMM with space-saving features such as the half-gantry design, fully integrated electronics and retracting monitor arm, making ALTO the perfect fit where space is limited.

Supplied with automated stylus changing as standard, ALTO is available with a standard motorised indexing probe head, or the latest high-performance 5-axis probe system for maximum efficiency.

With access from 3 sides for part loading, ALTO is ideal for production areas or quality control rooms.


ALTO employs high-tech aluminium alloy for the structure and guideways of its moving half-gantry. This cost-effective materials technology provides the stiffness needed for accuracy, while keeping ALTO’s moving mass to a minimum for high-speed measurement. Each guideway is micro machined and hard anodised, resulting in mechanically precise guideways that are resistant to wear and corrosion.

Hard Anodizing

Oxide layer coat
  • Electrolysis process for aluminium and its alloys
  • Similar coating to that of case-hardened steel
  • Greater resistance to wear and corrosion
  • Increases the naturally occurring oxide film
  • Layer coat up to 50µm in depth

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